Halloween 2018 BIG BAND night

Halloween 2018 BIG BAND night

Halloween 2017 marked the creation of a new big night for The Happy in Eglinton when new owner Dougie was just in the door. Connolly’s who have a contract to provide food in our bar and restaurant could not operate due to the storm damage which therefore left the kitchen closed for 10 weeks for repair. A huge risk was then taken bringing the Bone Idol Band in at such a vulnerable time. They were a rock band that specialised in drums, base, vocals, harmonica and saxophone- something we have never had before.

We knew we could never compete with the Derry Halloween offering so instead opted for the Saturday before Halloween. We wanted to be able to host an event for Eglinton residents with less taxi issues and queues compared to Derry. To our surprise, people flooded in and the atmosphere was incredible. The band were something else and had everyone up dancing. Taking such a risk was worth it!

Halloween 2018:
This year we will be doing it all again on Saturday 27th October. This time the band is even bigger! The night will be hosted by Main Street, a 4 piece band ready to rock everyones socks off. We are doing a ‘like and share’ competition on facebook to win a £30 bar tab and prize for the best dressed. All the team at The Happy Landing hope to see you all there!

For more information on the event please mark yourself as interested on our Halloween BIG BAND night event post on facebook. Thanks as always for your continued support!

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